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It's hard.

Today I woke up tired and wanting to just stop. Stop working, contemplating how I can quit one of my jobs that I will have to return to in two weeks. I just want to stop. I have been going and going since I became an adult and even if I wanted to stop, I don’t know how to do that.

I started my own business in the cannabis industry by becoming a blogger and It is tough. I am learning and I am spinning my wheels. My confidence and self-esteem are being tested from all angles that I question if I am good enough, smart enough and if I can do it.

But this morning as I came across this picture that read “you did not wake up today to be mediocre”. I smiled and said to myself “that’s right girl and stop feeling like that, you have things to do, goals to accomplish, and a life to live to the fullest”.

So right now, if you are on the verge of wanting to stop. Don’t! If you feel mediocre! Don’t`! If you feel like you can’t! Keep going. I love what I am doing because of love to talk, love to learn and I love to talk to anyone that has something positive to say.

We are fabulous and we are awesome. So tonight, or this weekend find out little bit more about CBD. It is legal in NY/NJ and you can smoke it, take a few drops of it in your coffee, tea, or cocktail, or use CBD honey, or eat edibles. CBD helps with loving you, feeling energetic, relax, anxiety-free, depression-free and help with feeling better about loving life. Yes, it helps me!



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