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2020 my truth!

2019 brought me new ideas such as blogging about cannabis, creating Laure and cush’s website, adding to my educaction about creating a business by attending Rising Tide Capital and finally stepping out on faith by creating Laure and cush Canna Chic T-Shirt line.

2020 gives me another chance to introduce myself as the CEO of Laure and Cush. My name is Laure aka greatreebliss, I am an entrepreneur as well as an employee, a student and a teacher of cannabis, a half marathon runner, a daughter, sister, cousin, a friend and most of all a cannabis enjoyer.

Although, I do enjoy cannabis. I prefer Indigo ( marijuanna) whic is THC. But Indigo, does not take away from me enjoying Sativa (Hemp) which is CBD. CBD and THC can both be enjoyed by smoking a joint, by eating edibles, drinking smoothies, taking supplements, taking tinctures for humans and pets, using salve for pain or oil for massages and expressing oneself by wearing Laure and cush Canna Chic T-shirt. The simple different between the two is CBD is non- psychedelic and THC is psychedelic. CBD won't get you high and THC will get you high.

Smoking marijuana was never my thing. In my twenties, I tried it, but could not do it because of my corporate jobs. However, after my shoulder surgery, I decided to venture into marijuana (not realizing she has a mother name Cannabis and a sister name Hemp) because I REALLY do not like the pain killers that were being offered to me by my physicians. There are such taboos about Cannabis, which are " it's addictive, it makes you high, you‘re a criminal or you're a bad person for smoking”. With all of those OPINIONS about Cannabis, I decided to do some research. I read some books; first one was Brave New Weed , then The Cannabis Manifesto, and currently reading A woman's Guide to Cannabis. We all use reviews, the opinions of others, books and do some research to make an educated decision(s) about our lives. The educated decision I made about this particular plant was that it is better than any chemical that I could ever allow into my body, soul and spirit.

Once I read the first two books, I decided to start with cannabis infused salve to masage the affected body part (my shoulder). I would bring my salve to my physical therapy sessions to be use on my shoulder and I used it after working out and after my first half marathon on my knees. Once I felt comfortable and realize cannabis worked for me. I added CBD supplements after working out and/or a jog along with my salve and added tinctures when I felt anxious. All of those CBD products have worked and works for me.

By experiencing the benefits of Cannabis, I decided to included this plant into my skincare routine. I started to create my own skincare line to see what would work for my oily skin. I noticed that I didn't have breakouts, my skin started glowing and I didn't experience that much swelling and irritation after waxing. So of course, those experiences brought new ideas.

Those new ideas will allow Laure and Cush to launch our Canna herbal Infused skincare line in the near future of 2020. Stay tuned for the wonderfulness we will offer to your skin.

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