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2019 the greatest year ever!

Happy New Year! 2019 is the year of excellence because we are embarking on new adventures and endeavors. You will start or continue a gym membership, start or end a relationship/friendship, start or reorganize a business, or just take the time out to reflect on who you were, who you are and who you are becoming this year.

2019 you are enough, you are strong, your are beautiful/handsome, you are intelligent and you are a blessing to all of us. So as you start moving and shaking, enjoy the fabulousness that will invade your beautiful life. That's great and I'm proud of you!

This year Laure and Cush will focus on providing information on CBD infused skin care and wellness products. You will learn about Cannabis (Hemp and Marijuana) the history, benefits, events, laws and regulations, medicinal products and all the health benefits this wonderful flower has to offer.

Let's informed each other, lets educate each other and most of all let's promote each other. Remember Laure and Cush is Love.

Happy New Year!

Love Laure

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