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A Sense of Calmness that Allows Positivity

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Laure and Cush luxurious CBD infused wellness products were created to give you the best relief experience.  Our products provide relief for joint discomfort, aches, soreness, neuropathy tingling and arthritis.  Your blissful experience will allow you to have a pep in your step while feeling energetic, relaxed, positive and happy.

I Feel Good!


You will always feel good using this jar of wonder.  This luxurious cannabis infused, plant-based body butter will reduce the aches, joint discomfort, soreness, tingling from neuropathy and arthritis.  While the discomfort is fading away, you will have soft, moisturized and glowing skin.  Our best seller will have you feeling energetic, relaxed and blissful day and night.

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I dealt with an acute gout attack on my toe for three weeks. When I applied the Laure and Cush Body Butter topical treatment it reduced my pain level tremendously...

Wodney | Tampa, Fl


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